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Bio Fertilizers

Organic Fertilizers And Manure

Organic Fertilizers And Manure is the material that can be added to plants and soil, to provide nutrients and sustain growth. It is typically organic fertilizers that include all animal waste including meat processing water, manure, slurry, and guano. Organic Fertilizers And Manure come with plant-based fertilizers such as compost and biosolids. It is made from mined rock minerals and natural plant and animal materials. These include ingredients that are finely pulverized fish, phosphate rick and wood. 


Country of Origin

Made in India

Place Of Origin


Shelf Life

3 Year

Grade Standard

Bio-Tech Grade

Water Soluble


Organic Matter


Target Crops

any crops

Packaging Size

50 kg hdpe bag

Product Type

Plant Based






50 Kg Bag


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Seaweed Gel

Seaweed Gel can be sprayed on the soil or crop that can even be broadcasted with irrigation water to enrich the soil. It will ensure a healthy crop that gives a better harvest. It is also very beneficial for the growth of crops that aids in reducing the amount of usage of synthetic fertilizer that makes the soil more fertile when used in less or unfertile soil. Seaweed Gel enriches the soil and makes the root color its natural white.

Amino Acid Fertilizer

Amino Acid Fertilizer refers to a bio-organic nutritional product derived directly from vegetable sources required for plant growth promotion and higher yields. Amino Acid Fertilizer helps in promoting the hormonal activity that induces their synthesis resulting in flowering and fruit set. The process of it relies on the production of chlorophyll that needs to absorb energy from the sun. amino acids will help in the production of chlorophyll which leads to quality photosynthesis. 

Seaweed Extract Flakes

Seaweed Extract Flakes are used for overall support to achieve healthy growth and offer 100 per cent food for the plants. It encourages flowering and maintaining the dark green colour of plants. It fertilizes the soil with a great extent. Seaweed Extract Flakes are widely used as plant biostimulants that are any substance on microorganism applied to plants with the aim to enhance nutrition efficiency, abiotic stress tolerance and crop quality traits of its nutrients content. 

Seaweed Fertilizer

Seaweed Fertilizer is an organic fertilizer that is made from seaweed that is used in agriculture to increase soil fertility and plant growth. Seaweed Fertilizer that can directly increase the soil organic matter through the plants or soil, and activate various beneficial microorganisms in the soil. These microorganisms act as catalysts in the circulation of the plant microbial metabolites that increase the biological efficiency of the soil. 







Organic Fertilizer

Cleaning Agent




Packaging Type




Packaging Size

25 Kg


Bio Fertilizers

Bio Fertilizers refers to living micro organisms of bacterial, algal, and funchal origin. The mode of its action differs and it can be applied alone or in combination depending upon the requirement. Bio fertilizers fix atmospheric nitrogen in the soil and root nodules of legume crops that make it available on the plant. It encourages plant growth and enhances crop yields. It also enhances soil health by increasing crop yields. The usage of bio fertilizers are chemical free that can be very beneficial in sustaining the soil's natural fertility. 


Country of Origin

Made in India


Seaweed Granules

Seaweed Granules can help sustain the fertilizers in the zone of the root and also release them to plant when they are needed the most, it can help motivate the growth of the root and also encourage the uptake of the nutrients. These granules can benefit from seaweed fertilizers that contain complex carbs and vital minerals that extract delivers every plant with the valuable needed to grow and thrive. Seaweed Granules are made of non preservatives and are 100 percent pure nutrients. 

Bio Fulvic Acid Powder

Bio Fulvic Acid Powder refers to a plant growth stimulator that increases plant metabolism and nutrient intake. It is naturally created in soil by composting old plants that can rejuvenate the soil. It comes with an excellent supplement of fertilizers to improve the nutrient absorption. Bio Fulvic Acid Powder is used for plant growth and yield enhancer that improves blossom and fruit set. It thickens, enlarges and balances the leaf growth by supplying well balanced crop nutrients. 


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